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If you are looking for the best maternity hospital in Gurgaon?, you must visit Thakral Hospital and Fertility Center. We believe in offering women a comfortable and friendly environment with warmth and protection for a relaxed and comfortable delivery experience. We are committed to provide the best care to the mother and baby not only during pregnancy but also after birth.


Giving birth to a child is the world’s best and most exciting experience. But the news of pregnancy brings certain worries as well with happiness. It's very natural to have a little stress throughout your pregnancy as this entire process is new and unpredictable. All you want is your gestation period to go perfectly.

Thakral Hospital and Fertility Centre, Best and affordable Maternity Care Hospital in Gurgaon provides best maternity services which includes Normal delivery, Pain less (Epidural) delivery and Caesarean section. Personal nursing care to all labor patients with one nurse constantly with each patient during labor till delivery and electronic fetal monitoring during labor for safe delivery.

Maternal health is the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period. Every stage must be a positive experience, ensuring mother and newborn to be in good health. Maternity services refers to health services provided to women and babies during pregnancy, labour and childbirth, and after birth for up to six weeks for the well-being of the mother and child.

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Your entire pregnancy and delivery experience is greatly influenced by the maternity hospital you select. You must choose a hospital with good reputation, expert staff and the best facilities to offer specialised care

Thakral Hospital and Fertility Centre is one of the best and old Maternity Home in Gurgaon led by Dr. Neeru Thakral and her team who has more than 28 years of experience in Maternity delivery and as best Gynaecologist.

The friendly atmosphere, the warmth and the Personal Touch & Care provided at our hospital gives the mother-to-be a comfortable and stress-free delivery experience. All deliveries whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section is performed / Supervised by Dr Neeru Thakral and her team.


After delivery, we ensure that you receive the best care and proper guidance regarding parenting, advice on breastfeeding, nutritious diet, and postnatal exercises for mother. Pediatrician visits regularly during and after delivery for neonatal checkup and follow up vaccination.

We do regular Antenatal programmes (physical & virtual) for all expecting mother by Group of Expert which includes Obsterician, Pediatrician ,Physiotherapist and Nutritionist.

In these programmes all expecting mothers and their husbands are informed about antenatal care, safe labor and parenting tips .

What is a Maternity Hospital ?

A maternity hospital is a hospital for pregnant women care and newborn baby care. Nowadays, big hospitals have created a separate maternity department in them.

Why do you need maternity hospitals?

As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, you should start searching for the best maternity hospitals and the best gynecologists. The whole pregnancy period is unpredictable, so you should not take any risk about the well-being of you and your child.

How to choose the best maternity Hospitals?

Every pregnant woman should be treated well, particularly while she is in labour pain and wants to deliver a healthy child without complications. Therefore, you must choose a maternity hospital keeping these basic factors in mind:

  • Distance of Maternity home from your place
  • Facilities for high-risk pregnancies
  • Facilities for c-section and normal deliveries
  • Cost of treatment
  • Comfort and hygiene
  • Hospital rules and accomodations

Budget Maternity Hospital in Gurgaon


Our consultant obstetricians are excellent in their field. The team is headed by Dr. Neeru Thakral, DGO & DNB who is a highly qualified and experienced Gynaecologist and obstetrician in Gurgaon. She is expert in performing gynae surgery (open, vaginal and endoscopy surgery). We offer the best maternity services like normal delivery, pain-less delivery ,c-section at an affordable cost.

We are the best maternity home in Gurgaon and we try to offer services in such a manner that every pregnant woman has a memorable and joyful journey right from the day she starts visiting our consultants until the time of her delivery. We offer the best paediatric services as well to check on newborns' health.

Neonatal Nursing Care Room

We also have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to help the newborn. If a newborn is premature or unwell after delivery, she might need special medical assistance. The NICU has special medical equipment like incubators,feeding tubes,respiratory monitors, phototherapy lights, cardiac monitors etc.Babies in NICU are constantly monitored and provided 24-hour care from various healthcare professionals.


Strict adherence to hygiene is very important for us. We maintain a good hygiene level of building, equipment, rooms,staff, waiting areas and bathrooms.

So, if you are planning to deliver your child in Gurgaon, our hospital is the right place for you and your newborn, as we provide the best maternity services in Gurgaon.

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